• PDV Special Events, LLC is a full service special events company born out of a passion for the Theatre, a tenacious conviction for elevated service and a highly celebrated Hotel and Catering career spanning thirty years. We are able to provide our clients with a turn-key approach to Special Events. Understanding both sides of the business is a true asset when negotiating contracts, managing venue logistics and ensuring components of your event that are relevant, creative and unexpected.

    Our approach to special events includes, first and foremost, a comprehensive overview of your vision and your goal. We understand that Special Events are not tangible! What we are creating is a guest experience. A memory, a message or merely a unique presentation that leaves one talking about something other than how long the valet is taking to bring the car!

    Philanthropy is the biggest asset we have in Houston! The generous spirit of our community continues to fund our strongest attributes in areas such as Medical, Educational and certainly, the Arts! How wonderful that the manner in which Houstonians socialize includes fundraisers… multiple, incredible events that keep us connected to our city and her needs and opportunities! Fundraising events that keep Houston regarded as the most giving city in the nation! That’s serious business! We take our not-for-profit client seriously! With a proven professional fundraising career with nationally recognized not-for-profit organizations, we are able to provide our clients with sound best practice and strategies to help maximize their fundraising potential.

    President and CEO


    paul-david van atta

    Paul-David Van Atta is a name synonymous with high-end production and special events not only Houston, but Washington, DC, Atlanta and the Hamptons. With a career in special events spanning over twenty-five years, Van Atta’s creations have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for various philanthropic and political endeavors. During his career, he has produced events for four US Presidents, Vice President Al Gore, General Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Sarah Ferguson, Erin Brockovich, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Paula Zahn of CNN, Cheryl Ladd, the United States Olympic Team, the NFL (SuperBowl XXXVIII) and many others.

    Paul-David’s background in musical theatre led him to diversify and become an entertainment buyer for many organizations. His ability to build the energy of an event has garnered him many industry awards including Hilton Hotels Director of Catering of the Year. He is also a Jefferson Award recipient and continues his philanthropic work with many charitable organizations.


    If I had to choose one word to sum up Paul-David’s talent I would have to say, “MAGIC!” He sees a nuance in everything that others simply don’t see, but they feel when he presents it! He is, indeed a force in creative production, friendship, philanthropy and honest dependability. He can produce calm and artistry out of absolute chaos!

    -Joanne King Herring, Author and Philanthropist


    Paul-David Van Atta produced the 2010 Social Book party titled, “The Emerald City on Discovery Green…15 Years of Wicked Success!” Not only did he manage to “theme weave” the most amazing event most Houstonians have ever attended, but he did so while performing one of the most time-consuming and pressure-packed jobs in the city. Furthermore, he had two other major events that he was producing that same week! To say that Paul-David can juggle twenty things at once would be an understatement! He handled each event with such aplomb; no one ever knew he was doing anything except his or her event! He has a true gift of drawing out the best in vendors with whom he works and delivering the very best for his clients. Needless to say, working with him is a true pleasure! What a magician, tactician and creator of utter perfection!

    -Scott Evans, The Social Book


    When Paul-David first came to Houston, Fran Fawcett Peterson and I had the distinct privilege and pleasure of working with him on the first Gala to be held at the Hilton Americas! Since then I have either worked with or been a guest at dozens of events that Paul-David has produced. I can honestly say that each and every event has been just as wonderful as that premier event!

    Paul-David’s attention to detail, kind heart and caring patience are the components of the formula that produces his incredible and unparalleled success!

    -Cora Sue Mach, Philanthropist and Community Leader


    The amount of work and detail that goes into planning an event of the magnitude of Texas Children’s Hospital’s 50th Anniversary is staggering. Paul-David is the catalyst of all things perfectly done, creative and FUN! He listens to our needs and wishes and makes it all happen. He must have stayed up nights planning as no detail was overlooked! He is simply THE BEST!

    -Emily Croswell, Philanthropist and Community Leader


    “Studio 60” was Paul-David’s brainchild. A spin on a Studio 54 theme that proved to be the most glorious and exceptional 60th Birthday Celebration I could have hoped for! The evening was full of surprises! I knew I wanted “PD” at the helm! He created nuances that no other event producer would have thought of and created a magical evening that was described by Shelby Hodge as the “Party of the Year!”    Talent, credibility and friendship……that’s Paul-David!

    -Trini Mendenhall-Sosa


    Cries of “Party of the Year” resonated across the pulsating dance floor at the Corinthian where Trini Mendenhall Sosa celebrated her 60th birthday in 70’s retro style!

    The kudos poured in for Paul-David Van Atta , who took a night off from his gig at the Hilton Americas-Houston to create this party masterpiece.

    -Shelby Hodge, Social Editor, Culture Map


    Paul-David’s talent, creativity, drive and unending can-do attitude are a remarkable asset to our city. He has brought an unequalled level of sophistication and true creativity to the events that he has produced for us. Of special note, the Children’s Fund’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Gala. Paul-David wowed us with his genuine warmth and bowled us over with so many wonderful ideas. In a fifteen-minute meeting, we knew that he had to do our event. Talk about first impressions! He is a rare jewel – and this city is truly lucky to have him here! Prior to his arrival, this city had only one person of his caliber- a man named Jerry Bartee. He, too, could take an event and make it into a spectacle. When Jerry passed away, there was a great void in our city. Paul-David has filled that void.

    -Brad Deutser, yaffe/DEUTSER